2005 Photographic Installation Bangkok

gumroads 3

Nocturnal – Photographic Installation, Poh Chang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Images of roads to the Outback and of the Australian Bush at night, photographed under torch, flame or moonlight, were set up in the gallery space with the lights out.  All viewers were given small torches as they entered the exhibition area through closed doors.  The concept of the torches was to re-create the atmosphere in which the photographs had been taken and to create the feeling of being in the night scenes on display.

During the making of the work, using no flash and an open aperture, often without a tripod, I wanted to draw with the exposed light in a painterly way. In a way I was drawing on the image, with the image and creating movement and distortion to echo expressionism.

roads 2004roads 5


gum 2roads 2



roadsigns 3roadsigns 5

roadsignsroadsigns 2

Setting up the installation, opening night friends and guests and viewing the installation with torches, echoing the way the works were made.


set up poh chang group

group 2    guests thai exhibition

IMG_1410  openin



all content copyright rebecca wilson 2014

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