Protest Paintings

Australian Boy-Hood_©RWilson2017Australian BoyHOOD ©RWilson2017 “The Lucky Count-ry”                                                                                                                             Based on ABC TV’s Four Corners Report uncovering abuses at Dondale Juvenile Detention Centre, NT

©2019 RWilson Consumerist Prayer Flags and Made Our Bed Gotta Lie In It (above)

The Last Supper? (Below)

Protest pieces in response to the Murray Darling disaster and waste crisis

3.The Last Supper?MG_20190330_114032

#ME2,2,2,2,2 etc.
 3 billion, 800 million women in the world and still we are fighting for equality and equity.
©RWilson 2018

TRUMP Fake Pres

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